A pdf version of my resume is here. My papers, presentations, and open source code have their own pages.

About me

Extensive image and signal processing experience using both computational and analytic tools. Skilled coder in Julia and Python. Experience with diverse signal processing problem domains.


Doctor of Philosophy

University of California, Davis | 2014-2022

Applied Mathematics
On Interpreting Scattering Coefficients

Bachelors of Science

University of Wisconsin, Madison | 2009-2014

Mathematics, with honors in the major, Physics, and Computer Science


GGAM Graduate student representative

UC Davis | 2018-2020

Represented the graduate students on the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics executive committee (the faculty organizing committee).

Student-run Math and Applied Math Seminar

UC Davis | 2017-2019

Co-organized widely attended weekly seminar for graduate student presentations

Davis Math Conference

UC Davis | 2015

Co-organized a 1 day conference for Davis mathematicians, applied mathematicians, and associated departments

GSA Applied Mathematics General Assembly Representative

UC Davis | 2015-2017

Represented the Applied Math Graduate students in the Graduate Student Association General Assembly

Research Experience

Dissertation work advised by Naoki Saito

UC Davis | 2016-2022

  • classified ocean floor objects such as unexploded ordinance using the Scattering Transform
  • wrote julia packages to perform differentiable parallel and GPU Scattering Transforms
  • adapted Fortran library to generate synthetic sonar examples
  • used julia autodiff to generate interpretable examples of used Scattering Transform features
  • Machine Learning Internship

    Bell Labs | Summer 2018

  • examined the role of depth in convolutional neural networks
  • Tensorflow based NN experiments, computing mutual information and differential entropy
  • Theoretical examination of complexity with depth
  • GSR: Closed-Loop phase-locked Stimulation

    UC Davis | 2016-2018

  • collaborated with a team of 10 graduate students and professors
  • developed matlab real-time phase estimation methods in a high noise environment for use in brain stimulation techniques
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates

    UW Madison | Spring 2012

  • Collaborated with a team of 4 graduate and undergraduate students advised by Professor Andrej ZlatoŇ°
  • characterized solutions to KPP-reaction diffusion equation using tools from functional analysis
  • Collaborative Undergraduate Research Lab

    UW Madison | Spring 2012

  • Studied elliptic curves over finite fields
  • worked with a team of 3 undergraduate students as part of a course advised by Professor Melanie Wood
  • determined statistical behavior based on computational sampling