ContinuousWavelets Documentation

Originally included in Wavelets.jl, this is a fork containing the types and methods specifically for doing continuous wavelet transforms. Current methods only include 1D wavelet transforms and their inverses.

The basic structure is similar to that of Wavelets.jl; first you choose one of the Available Wavelet Families of the ContWaveClass type, e.g. Morlet(2π). Then you set the general transform parameters via CWT Construction, which specifies such properties as whether to average, the scaling rate, or the boundary conditions. Finally, you perform the actual transform withcwt.

using ContinuousWavelets, Plots, Wavelets, FFTW
f = testfunction(n, "Doppler");
c = wavelet(Morlet(π), averagingType=NoAve(), β=2);
res = ContinuousWavelets.cwt(f, c)
p2=heatmap(abs.(res)', xlabel= "time index",
	ylabel="frequency index",colorbar=false);
l=@layout [a{.3h};b{.7h}]
┌ Warning: the lowest frequency wavelet has more than 1% its max at zero, so it may not be analytic. Think carefully
│   lowAprxAnalyt = 0.05083763757882921
└ @ ContinuousWavelets ~/work/ContinuousWavelets.jl/ContinuousWavelets.jl/src/sanityChecks.jl:6